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Steve Salamandra, a General Contractor (GC) in the Bay Area over the last 25 years, gives us some insight on avoiding sticker shock. "I have come across a variety of issues that make planning a home remodel, or a new home project, challenging for clients as well as contractors.

One of the most common issues I face is that I’m asked to bid a remodel or new home that has been meticulously planned, drawn and engineered—only to find there has been a disconnect between the architectural drawings and the client’s budget," says Steve.


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Salamandra Associates has been in service since 1988, building commercial projects and homes with an emphasis on waterfront development in Marin County. Founded by Steve Salamandra, with a background in construction management, Salamandra Associates specializes in new construction and full-home renovations. The company is accredited by Build It Green.

Salamandra’s portfolio highlights the company’s architectural styles and emphasis on comfortable spaces. The recent remodel of a living space in San Anselmo, CA featured a wide open floor plan creating a seamless flow from the kitchen to a dining area and living room. Framed glass doors lead to a spacious deck.